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Mission & Aims

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Our Mission is to introduce books that will grab and free the imagination, encourage self-expression and cultivate a love of reading for life.


Our aim is to offer opportunities for storytelling, shared reading, book clubs and creative writing directly to children, young people and adults within their own community spaces.

How we do this

Share books with children, young people and adults that will grab their imagination and encourage reading for pleasure.  

Share books that deal with issues children, young people and adults can relate to. 

Introduce stories with strong characters who will become friends that share experiences, thoughts and feelings from the ups and downs of life!

Encourage lively debate and exploration of issues that the stories raise through drama and activities, improving communication and developing social skills.

We work with children, young people and adults to encourage them to make up their own stories through storytelling, creative writing or drama.

Our reading groups encourage reading for enjoyment and personal growth.

We show that reading in a group or reading alone prevents boredom, reduces feelings of loneliness and can help improve mental health and well-being.

We promote the importance of taking the space and time to read a book for pleasure. 

We show that reading is an enjoyable and positive activity which promotes learning; and understanding of the self and others. 

Together we learn about the world we live in; and worlds beyond our wildest dreams.

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