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Hi I am Tracey, founder of Book Tales which I set up in 2014 after many years working with children, young people and adults in the community.  My many job roles have included working for charities in Children's Rights, Project Development and Management; and Training and Development. Charities include Barnardo's, Wallasey YMCA, YMCA England and The Children's Society. I have a background in Youth Theatre and Drama and I have been 'on tour' with a Community Touring Theatre Company.  I have been very privileged to have enjoyed my career meeting many lovely people of all ages, it has at times been challenging but always rewarding.  

I thought about setting up Book Tales in 2014 inspired by both my parents. My mum Irene Kelly, at the age of 70 had her first book published.  Aiming to have only four copies printed for her children she surprised herself...but not her children...when it became a Birkenhead best seller.  'Tea in a Jam Jar' is full of interesting and happy memories of growing up during the 1940's and 50's post World War II. Feeling very proud of my mum, her fabulous book and her unplanned for success, I wondered how her book could be used to share the history of Birkenhead with children.  


During Christmas 2013, my dad, Stanley Craze, became poorly and I moved him into my home for a while.  Whilst he was convalescing in bed I would often sit with him and he would tell me stories, like he had when I was a child. I found I was still entranced by his characters and the sounds he made of the wind blowing and the bin lid's banging. It was during this time it came to me how some children don't regularly experience the wonder of being told a story; and all the pleasure, learning and development that comes with this.

Finally, I knew what I could do with my mum's book and with many other wonderful story books out there. It has been proven that children who are fluent readers are more likely to succeed in their life choices as adults. With books we engage in a learning and developmental experience.  Exploring the stories further using drama and games activities expands on this knowledge and enjoyment, promoting independent thought and negotiating skills. Book Tales wants to help future generations to become readers.  To become a reader we need to be given the opportunity to be told stories and have stories read to us, we need to be able to read ourselves, we need to be able to explore books and choose what we read, ultimately we need to enjoy books and all that they have to offer.
In June 2014 I set up Book Tales CIC, a not for profit organisation.  Since then I have delivered storytelling projects to children across the Wirral in our most disadvantaged communities. This has been very enjoyable and rewarding, especially for me as I spent most of my childhood immersed in a book, living a thousand different lives. Since Book Tales first set up reading stories, we have developed projects in the community working with adults.  Projects have been varied including creative writing classes, drama and reading groups, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they all begin from that magical and imaginative world of a book. 
This is exciting times for Book Tales as we develop and grow, we hope that you enjoy looking at our site and if you have any queries about how we may work with you, please do get in touch!  We offer bespoke services and pride ourselves on listening to what you want and working with you to make it happen.
Finally, we do have volunteering opportunities which are very enjoyable and great for gaining experience working with children and young people, or community groups.  All our volunteers  go through an informal interview process and  DBS clearance, for which we cover the cost. We also require two references.  If you are interested please contact us for an informal chat.
Thank you for taking the time to read about us.
Tracey Craze
Managing Director

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